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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I need prior experience?

No, you do not. Our new beginner classes always start from scratch. You will learn basic fundamental footwork on the first day and progress along with the class.

2. What styles of dance do you teach?

Our classes consist of Salsa: New York Mambo On2 style and Bachata classes. 

3. Do I need a partner?

No, you do not. We rotate within the class so you get to dance with everyone. 

4. I have a partner, do I need to rotate if we do not want to?

No, you do not have to rotate if you only want to dance with the partner you came with. However, it is encouraged for everyone to rotate to experience different leads/follows and improve your leading/following skills with different partners. 

5. Are walk-ins accepted?

Yes, anyone can walk-in to any of the classes. Our walk-in rate is $25 per person per class. If you decide afterwards that you would like to register for the month, that $25 will go towards the monthly tuition rate. Click here to check out our monthly tuition rates.

6. What is the class structure? Does the class cycle end after the first month? Do I have to go to another time slot to progress into the program and different levels?

Your class consists of a 1.5-hour lesson, which is broken up into two sections.  The first half is a thorough instruction on open partnerwork, which are referred to as “Shines”. This half is crucial in your ability to learn footwork, practice musicality, timing changes, styling, and body movement.  After a 5-minute intermission, the second half will follow with closed partnerwork.  Here starting from your fundamentals, you will learn footwork, turn patterns, and leading/following techniques.  A partner is not necessary, since you will rotate and dance along with your fellow classmates. This is a proven program along with a progressive curriculum.  Your class will meet every week at the same day and time all throughout the year and so on.  You will have the same instructor and classmates every week.  Once the month finishes, to progress forward to the next level, you are required to pay your tuition on the first scheduled class of the new month, and you continue on in our program with the same students.

7. What are socials? Is it open to non-students?

Our socials are family friendly dance parties where our students can apply all the instruction and details learned in class in a social environment. Each studio's schedule is different so please check out our Events Page to check out our social calendar. It is open to non-studio members. Studio students pay $10 while non-members pay $15. 

8. What should I wear? Are dance shoes required?

You can wear whatever you are comfortable with. Students either wear athleisure or even stay in their work clothes. It is up to you on what you feel best dancing in. As for footwear, dance shoes are not required. However, dance shoes are helpful in pivoting and moving around easier. You can ask the front desk or your instructors on recommendations on what dance shoes to purchase and where to buy them.  

9. Do you provide choreography services and/or group lessons?

Yes, we do. We do choreography for weddings, sweet 16s, and quinceaneras. We also provide group lessons on-site and off-site. Please contact us for information and availability.   

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